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"This game changed my life. i joined a random online lobby and met this girl. we instantly hit it off when we burned some rats together and then delivered them to them to customers.

Long story short we have been dating for over 10 years now and our wedding is tomorrow! thank you creator of this game, you made me find true happiness!"


Reviewing One-armed cook

"I put a rat in a fridge and emoted on it. 10/10"


Reviewing One-armed cook

"Beautiful. Absolutely a masterpiece.Playing this game made me realize how much life actually matters. It brought a tear to my eye when the main character turned toward the camera and softly muttered "Maybe the real chef was the one arm we made along the way".

10/10 life changing gem of a game. I mean honestly since the industrial revolution of this planet Earth, nothing has ever made me feel this way. Thanks guys."


Reviewing One-armed cook